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If you take a moment to consider the quality of the air in your home, it may not be as great as you think. Dust, debris and chemical cleaners, all of which can be found around a hose, contribute to poor indoor air quality. Should any of these substances enter your HVAC system, they could be released and spread across your entire home. This not only poses a health risk but may also impact the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Thankfully, the professionals at Carmine’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offer a number of indoor air quality services designed to improve the air supply in our homes. We’re here to help homeowners across the Danbury, CT area breathe a little more easily.

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Air Duct Repairs

One of the most important tasks a homeowner can do to remove unwanted substances from an HVAC system is to repair any broken ductwork. Cracks and holes are an open invitation for dust and debris to enter a home’s ventilation. They also allow air to escape, which means your heating and cooling appliances will be wasting energy. Poor air quality as a result of dirty air ducts could also lead to sinus infections, respiratory infections, allergy attacks, and asthma attacks.

Dehumidifier Installations

Sometimes when it’s hot and humid, it can be difficult even for a healthy person to breathe. High humidity levels can also result in excess moisture indoors. One easy way of battling this is by installing a dehumidifier in your home. These devices pull the vapor out of the air, making it dry and crisp, while also preventing mold growth in a home. There are whole-house systems along with single-room models available on the market. Let us help you clear the air by installing a dehumidifier in your home.

UV Air Sanitizer Services

By far the most effective way of eliminating airborne contaminants is by installing a UV air sanitizer. These gadgets act like gatekeepers by using ultraviolet light to clean up the air in your HVAC system before it enters your home. They can get rid of up to 98% of all contaminants, which makes UV air sanitizers the best way to ensure the air in your home is clean. Be cautious when installing these devices, since ultraviolet light can be harmful when exposed to skin. Hire a professional to help you get set up.

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