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Three Reasons Going Green This Summer Just Makes Sense

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Forgive us for the pun but with Summer upon us, we get a lot of appointments looking to keep their homes comfortably cool. Most of the time, the focus is on repairing breakdowns or maintaining systems.

However, now is an incredible time to consider an upgrade to a more energy efficient system as well. With the hottest weather still in front of us, you'll see maximum benefit from a greener system immediately.

And the benefits of the upgrade aren't just to the environment. Your wallet and your family will be thanking you as well. Read on the get the inside scoop as to whether a new air conditioner is right for your home.

Why The Planet Will Thank You

goodenvironmentThis one is pretty obvious, after all, these energy efficient systems were designed with the environment in mind.

Particularly in the summer months, your HVAC system is likely the biggest single consumer of energy in your household.

Older systems not only use more energy, but they also don't even use it particularly well (something your wallet will be interested in!). More often than not, they run throughout the day in order to provide you with a slightly cooler temperature at best.

Beyond that, air conditioners actually contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, playing a huge part in our carbon footprint. Their impact can be felt in big cities as well - heat pumps expel so much hot air in the summer months that it can actually create a hot zone in these big cities. All of these problems are made better with each energy efficient unit out there.

Why Your Wallet Will Thank You

savemoneyWhen most people think about upgrading their HVAC system, they focus on the upfront cost.

While that cost is real and certainly exists, it is also a little short-sighted.

There are plenty of ways that the cost is not as big as you think and that a more efficient HVAC system will actually help you save money.

  • Government Rebates: Between state and local governments, there are almost always incentive programs out there to help encourage you to make the switch to greener appliances. While these shift regularly, our experts at Carmine’s are always up to date and would be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Energy Savings: There is no way around it; HVAC systems are energy beasts, particularly if they are older. And, one of the worst parts is, they waste energy. Believe it or not, older systems can actually waste around 30% of the energy they use. Newer systems are much more efficient and work more effectively, making your monthly savings felt, right from the very start.

Why Your Family Will Thank You

efficiencyOf course, even more important than the environment or money, is the comfort and happiness of your family.

You may think that upgrading to an energy efficient solution will keep your house just as comfortable as before but you’d be wrong.

Newer systems utilize better and smarter technology to make you happier in your home. For example, older systems used to have two settings for air circulation: On and Off.

New systems use variable speed motors, allowing for more finesse climate control. That means your house will get to your desired temperature more quickly and stay there more regularly.

If you have any questions about upgrading your HVAC, please give our experts at Carmine's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning a call at (203) 791-8089 and we’ll be happy to help.