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Why Isn’t The AC Cooling?

AC cooling

Did I pay the bill? Are the doors closed? Is the unit on? Are the windows closed? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Is the thermostat turned way up? Is a fuse blown? No, and no. Then why is the house still hot?!

Most of us have been in this situation before. We’ve come home to an air conditioning unit that is running but a house that is still hot. It’s frustrating, inefficient, and uncomfortable.

Many times, this is an indication that your air conditioning unit is in need of AC services. Here are a few common problems that can cause your system to not cool properly and tips about how to resolve these problems.

It’s Low Refrigerant

lowrefrigerantYour air conditioner must have refrigerant to cool, and without it, the system will blow lukewarm or hot air. If your refrigerant line is frozen or if you hear a hissing or bubbling sound, it probably means that your system is low on and leaking refrigerant.

Refrigerant is not something that your system uses up, so if your unit is low on it, there is probably a leak. Regardless, you know that if the refrigerant is low, you have another problem.

Consequently, this is an issue that must be handled by a professional and is not an issue you should try to resolve on your own. If you think your unit is leaking refrigerant, you should have the system inspected by a technician.

It’s Dirty

dirtyunitContrary to what you might sometimes think, all air conditioning issues are not complicated. In fact, oftentimes, systems do not cool properly simply because they’re dirty and in need of some basic maintenance.

If either your indoor or outdoor unit is not properly cleaned, your system will not cool properly. If the outside unit is dirty or has debris on it, the condenser will be unable to get rid of heat.

As you can imagine, this makes it difficult and inefficient for your system to cool. Likewise, if your air filters are dirty, they basically smother your unit and restrict airflow to the air conditioner. This results in less cool air flowing inside your home and keeps your unit from cooling.

To avoid these problems, you should regularly check your air filters to ensure that they’re clean, you should keep your outdoor unit clear of dirt and debris, and you should have your system professionally cleaned at least once a year.

It was Improperly Installed

wronginstallationWhen you have a new air conditioning unit installed, you expect that it will cool properly and efficiently, and it’s incredibly frustrating if it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, we hear of people that have a unit installed only to find that when warm days come, the system can’t keep the house cool.

Of all the AC services that it’s necessary to get right, the installation is one of the most important ones. If a unit is installed improperly, it can lead to a number of problems. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you have your air conditioning unit installed by a reputable contractor or company.

You do not want to find yourself with a new system that doesn’t cool! If you need a unit installed, have concerns about your system, or need any AC services, call us today at (475) 241-0896. We’ll identify and resolve any problems to ensure that your unit keeps your home cool even on the hottest days!